Window Installation Procedure Catalog

Congratulations on choosing Top Industrialís RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System.

The RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System includes an extensive proprietary catalog of window installation procedures. This catalog includes a wide range of varied procedures, from simple flat wall configurations to more complex deep and shallow recesses. It is designed to be a comprehensive source of procedures for the window installer. Each procedure is backed by Top Industrial with an industry leading, thirty-year parts and labor warranty.

The procedures in this catalog have been third party tested to perform across a range of design pressures and demanding real-life weather conditions. Each procedure meets or exceeds AAMA and ASTM standards for window installation. Each procedure uses compatible, high quality RainBuster products.

With the RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System, choosing the right procedure for your project is easy. There are three ways: 1) The Quick Select feature provides you an appropriate procedure based on answers you give to a few quick questions, 2) The Menu Select feature allows you to make your selection from a menu of possible options and allows you to view a layout of the entire catalog, and 3) The Product Select feature gives you procedure options based on the products you wish to use.

Each full color procedure has been designed to be easy to follow by the installer. They are available for download in universal PDF format. Select installation procedures also include an accompanying training video.

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