Squeak Elimination


Top Industrial’s extensive field experience has resulted in the identification of high-risk squeak points and the creation of use-specific solutions. Common squeak points include floor sheeting to joist connections, joist hanger to joist contact points, butt joints in floor sheeting, stringer to tread & riser connections in stair assemblies, interior second floor wall plates, stair and balcony handrails, short walls, bathtub frames and closet wall plates, and through floor tubing-to-wood contact points.

Specifying RainBuster 345 Alternating Co-Polymer Squeak Eliminating Adhesive prevents the creation of squeak points. RainBuster 345’s unique features, formulated specifically for squeak elimination, are entirely unlike those of standard subfloor glues. Its proprietary co-polymer formula provides the best in adhesive strength and the ultimate in flexibility. RainBuster 345 is a proven squeak eliminator that dramatically reduces callback costs, warranty claims, and litigation.

Anatomy of a Squeak

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