Top Industrial is dedicated to serving builders with the absolute best in leak and squeak preventing products and services. Its RainBuster brand is respected as an industry leader and has served the construction industry for over twenty-five years. Today, the nation’s leading builders specify RainBuster products for window installation, lath applications, roofing, sheet metal, and framing. The ultimate benefit to the builder is a reduction in callbacks, realized after customer move-in and/or after the first big rainstorm.

Builders rely on RainBuster for it’s proven ability to eliminate leaks and squeaks and reduce warranty claims, costly repair costs, angry homeowners, and litigation. In addition to top quality products, specifying builders receive a comprehensive value-added job site support program that further insures leak and squeak free homes.

Specifying RainBuster makes the builder’s day-to-day life easier. With RainBuster as the comprehensive single source for the sealant/adhesive and flashing categories, communication and sourcing is simplified. Specifying RainBuster allows the builder to rest easy knowing that each home is getting the absolute best quality leak and squeak preventing performance available.

Top Industrial’s long-term experience with the trades has enabled it to develop products and services that are designed for specific trade-based solutions. In fact, many contractors recognize this and have made RainBuster standard in their business. By specifying RainBuster, the builder eliminates the risk of unacceptably low quality caulks being used on their homes. In challenging economic climates the risk of seeing inadequate/lower quality products that may save the contractor pennies upfront increases dramatically. Though the inadequacies are unable to be detected during or immediately after installation, these products will cause leaks and squeaks in the coming months.

The RainBuster Program provides top quality products and training to enhance subcontractor craftsmanship. With one brand and easy to identify yellow RainBuster tubes and flashing, the builder’s job site superintendents will find it easy to verify use and inspect work.

Finally, the RainBuster Specification Program is extremely easy for the builder to implement. Top Industrial’s Builder Account Manager can provide the necessary language to insert into the builder’s scopes of work or can create the actual scope of work from scratch.

Specifying RainBuster will help improve homeowner satisfaction, enhance builder reputation, and save big money by reducing callback repairs.


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