Leading framing companies have long trusted RainBuster products to enhance the quality of their work. The use of RainBuster results in homes that are squeak and leak free. It improves profitability and reinforces the developer’s confidence in the framer.

RainBuster 345 Alternating Co-Polymer Squeak Eliminating Adhesive

Imagine reducing floor and stair squeak repair costs by more than 90%. Imagine further how that dramatically improves the bottom line. This is reality with those that have switched to RainBuster 345 Squeak Eliminating Adhesive. Taking proactive steps by incorporating RainBuster 345 into the building process allows the framer to effectively manage squeaks before they start.

RainBuster 345 enables framers to prevent squeaks where others can’t, by permanently maintaining the bond between surfaces at critical squeak points. Standard subfloor adhesives dry rigid and typically result in bond loss between sheeting and the underlying floor structure as normal loads are applied (i.e. drywall during construction, furniture move-in, and foot traffic). When sheeting is no longer secured, a squeak is created as it moves against nails with normal foot traffic. RainBuster 345 is formulated with the optimal combination of aggressive adhesion and ultra-flexibility to effectively withstand floor deflection and prevent squeaks caused by nail pops.

Missed nails are a fact of life in homebuilding and can further exacerbate the problem. These poorly seated “shiner” nails become prime squeak points as they more easily move against wood as the sheeting bond is lost. RainBuster 345 compensates for these missed nails and prevents squeaks.

RainBuster 345 is not a general construction adhesive nor is it a traditional subfloor glue. In fact, everything about RainBuster 345 has been designed to prevent squeaks and provide an advantage to the framer. Its two-hour open time insures positive adhesion even in temperatures over 120 degrees F. Its viscosity is designed for easy application without sagging or slip. Its curing process allows for adhesion to damp lumber so framing can continue in inclement weather.

Anatomy of a Squeak

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RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System

The RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System is a comprehensive installation solution that prevents leaks and costly call backs. The system consists of RainBuster Sealant, RainBuster Flashing and RainBuster Installation Procedures.  The LEAK-FREE System comes with an industry leading, thirty year parts & labor warranty.  The LEAK-FREE system includes an extensive catalog of easy to follow installation procedures. The organization of the catalog enables the framer to select a procedure based on framing conditions and protection requirements.

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RainBuster Job Site Support Program

Top Industrial Territory Managers provide regular high-level job site support to framers. They are available for initial installation procedure training, ongoing training and support, and specific application advice. Top Industrial Territory Managers will be happy to provide support as often as the framer requires.