The lath drainage plain is the last line of defense against water intrusion and must be permanently sealed in order to deflect and drain water away from wall structures and the home’s interior. The choice of sealants is critical for the lath contractor that demands leak-free homes. Lower quality acrylic latex-based and solvent-based caulks shrink and pull away from the bond line as they cure, creating leak points. And, many sealants lack the necessary flexibility and adhesion to maintain a seal as substrates and structures move.

RainBuster products perform like no other in the harsh lath environment. They prevent leaks, enhance contractor reputation and reduce callback repair costs. Leading contractors and builders have trusted RainBuster to prevent lath leaks for over twenty-five years.

RainBuster products are designed specifically for sealing moving joints such as those found in lath applications, where extreme temperature fluctuations, excessive structural movement, and wind-driven rain are commonplace. RainBuster sealants stay bonded around penetrations and permanently repair tears in the weather resistive barrier. RainBuster products are the perfect choice for preventing leaks and callbacks in the challenging lath environment.

RainBuster 900 Polycarbamate Sealant/Adhesive

RainBuster 900 is regarded as the high quality standard in lath applications. Its flexibility and adhesion are unrivaled in the construction industry. Leading lath companies rely on RainBuster 900 to seal tears (created during installation) and around penetrations (including pipes, junction boxes, and vents) in the weather resistive barrier. Additionally, RainBuster 900 is ideal for sealing cracks, seams, and around penetrations in exterior cladding (i.e. stucco, brick, siding).

RainBuster 900 is a non-shrinking, permanently flexible, aggressively adhering, elastomeric joint sealant. It flexes a whopping 1400% to withstand +/-35% joint movement. Perfectly suited for sealing lath, it will permanently adhere to common lath surfaces including 60-minute paper, house wrap, lath foams, metals, plastics, wood, stucco, brick, vinyl, fiber cement board and masonry.

RainBuster 900 is an ultra-high quality polyurethane sealant/adhesive that meets or exceeds all accepted industry standards for sealing lath joints.

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RainBuster 500 Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive

When faced with highly competitive bids, RainBuster 500 polyurethane elastomeric joint sealant can be an economical, high value choice for lath applications. It is a high performance elastomeric joint sealant that withstands +/-25% joint movement and offers permanent flexibility. RainBuster 500 exhibits outstanding adhesion to all common lath materials. It seals tears and around penetrations in the weather resistive barrier. RainBuster 500 is also ideal for sealing cracks and around penetrations in exterior cladding (stucco, brick, siding).

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RainBuster 415 Self Adhered Flashing

RainBuster 415 Self Adhered Flashing offers ultra-high performance in a waterproofing membrane. It is well suited for lath applications including flashing difficult through wall penetrations. It is available in both 25 mil and 40 mil thicknesses. RainBuster 415 is designed with an extremely durable cross-laminated film that is coated with a high temperature formulation of aggressively adhering rubberized asphalt. Designed to self-seal around penetrating fasteners. A release sheet protects the adhesive and is removed as the flashing is installed.

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RainBuster Job Site Support Program

Top Industrial Territory Managers provide regular high-level job site support to lath and plaster contractors. They are available for initial installation procedure training, ongoing training and support, quality control inspections, and specific application advice. Top Industrial Territory Managers will be happy to provide support as often as the lath and plaster contractor requires.