The nationís leading roofing companies rely on RainBuster to protect the roofing structure and prevent water intrusion. For over 25 years, Top industrial has been determined to provide the highest quality sealants and adhesives to the roofing industry. And, today, the nationís largest builders specify RainBuster in roof tile and roofing flashing applications.

RainBuster products offer industry-shifting quality to roofing contractors. By choosing RainBuster, roofing contractors differentiate themselves from others that use traditional, high maintenance items such as mastics and cements. RainBuster dramatically reduces leak callbacks, improves profitability, and reinforces the developerís confidence in the roofing contractor.

RainBuster 975

RainBuster 975 Advanced Polyether Sealant/Adhesive is designed for preventing leaks in a wide range of constriction, industrial, and OEM applications. It offers the best in weathering, color retention and non-yellowing characteristics, making it ideal for exposed joint construction details. It boasts outstanding +/-35% flexibility and powerful adhesion.

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RainBuster 850 Ultra Flexible Roof Tile Adhesive/Sealant

RainBuster 850 is regarded as the high quality standard in roofing adhesives/sealants. It provides a long-term, leak-free solution as both a tile adhesive and a flashing sealant. Scores of quality-minded roofing contractors have switched to the permanently flexible RainBuster 850 and away from traditional mastics and cements that dry rigid, crack, and create leak points.

RainBuster 850 is a high quality polyurethane adhesive/sealant that is designed specifically for the roofing contractor. It is a top performer in tile-to-tile bonding and sealing flashing lap joints, roof-to-wall flashings, vents and chimney caps, composition roof shingles, and underlayment. RainBuster 850 is non-shrinking, adheres aggressively, and withstands +/-35% joint movement.

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RainBuster 700 Polycarbamate/Copolymer Roofing Sealant

RainBuster 700 is an ultra-high quality roofing sealant. It provides a permanent watertight seal on penetrations in the roofing envelope including vents, roof jacks and on water management channels such as sheet metal flashing and gutters. RainBuster 700 is non-shrinking, provides powerful adhesion, and withstands +/-35% joint movement. It vastly outperforms traditional cements and mastics.

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RainBuster 650 Co-Polymer Roofing Sealant

RainBuster 650 Co-Polymer Roofing Sealant provides a crystal clear finish that is both durable and flexible. It is ideal for varied joints and seams in vents, shingles, and chimney caps. This product stays clear when other brands "clear" products turn cloudy or translucent.

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RainBuster 500 Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive

RainBuster 500 is a high quality, polyurethane elastomeric joint sealant that is ideal for use in varied roofing applications including tile and shingle bonding and sealing flashing and vents. Its high value makes it an economical choice in highly competitive situations. It withstands +/-25% joint movement and offers permanent flexibility. RainBuster 500 powerfully adheres to common roofing surfaces and vastly outperforms traditional roofing cements and mastics.

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RainBuster 415 Self Adhered Flashing

RainBuster 415 Self Adhered Flashing offers ultra-high performance in a waterproofing membrane. It is designed with an extremely durable cross-laminated film that is coated with a high temperature formulation of aggressively adhering rubberized asphalt. It is ideal for use in ridge and rake applications as well as chimney shoulders and various sheet metal transition points.

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RainBuster Job Site Support Program

Top Industrial Territory Managers provide regular high-level job site support to roofing contractors. They are available for initial installation procedure training, ongoing training and support, random quality control inspections, and specific application advice. Top Industrial Territory Managers will be happy to provide support as often as the roofing contractor requires.