Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabricators and installers have long relied on RainBuster quality. The reason is simple - RainBuster’s proprietary combination of tenacious adhesion and ultra-flexibility prevents leaks in harsh environments.

From vents to varied flashing, sheet metal contractors must be able to provide a long-term leak-free solution to their customers. Top Industrial is dedicated to providing the sheet metal industry with high quality products that provide real-world construction solutions.

When air temperatures fluctuate, sheet metal expands and contracts at high rates. In order to maintain sealed joints and prevent water intrusion, sealants must stay bonded and flex to extremes. RainBuster products are designed specifically to accomplish this.

RainBuster 900 Polycarbamate Sealant/Adhesive

RainBuster 900 is regarded as the high quality standard in the sheet metal industry. Leading sheet metal companies rely on RainBuster 900 to seal joints in varied applications.

The ability to maintain a sheet metal joint seal is dependent on the sealant’s ability to stay boned and flex as the joint moves. RainBuster 900 is an elastomeric joint sealant that is designed specifically to perform in these conditions.

Simply put, RainBuster 900 is a high quality polyurethane sealant/adhesive that prevents leaks. It meets or exceeds all accepted industry standards for sealing sheet metal joints. RainBuster 900 is non-shrinking, adheres aggressively to a wide range of metals, and withstands +/-35% joint movement.

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RainBuster 410 Polyolefin Mechanically Attached Flashing

RainBuster 410 flashing is the result of extensive research & development. Its leak preventing properties are designed to lead the industry in quality. From its strength to its waterproofing ability, RainBuster 410 offers trusted RainBuster quality and high performance to sheet metal contractors. When used in combination with RainBuster sealants, the result is an unbeatable system for the sheet metal contractor. RainBuster 410 is available in 300’ rolls in both 9” and 12” widths.

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RainBuster 500 Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive

When faced with highly competitive bids, RainBuster 500 polyurethane elastomeric joint sealant can be an economical, high value choice. RainBuster 500 is ideal for use in varied sheet metal applications. Its leading properties standout when compared to the industry’s polyurethane category of products. It withstands +/-25% joint movement and offers permanent flexibility. RainBuster 500 exhibits outstanding adhesion to a wide range of metal products and building materials.

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RainBuster 415 Self Adhered Flashing

RainBuster 415 Self Adhered Flashing offers ultra-high performance in a waterproofing membrane. It is well suited for sheet metal applications where a membrane flashing is required. It is available in both 25 mil and 40 mil thicknesses. RainBuster 415 is designed with an extremely durable cross-laminated film that is coated with a high temperature formulation of aggressively adhering rubberized asphalt. Designed to self-seal around penetrating fasteners. A release sheet protects the adhesive and is removed as the flashing is installed.

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RainBuster Job Site Support Program

Top Industrial Territory Managers provide regular high-level job site support to sheet metal contractors. They are available for initial installation procedure training, ongoing training and support, quality control inspections, and specific application advice. Top Industrial Territory Managers will be happy to provide support as often as the sheet metal contractor requires.