Job Site Support Program

Top Industrial, Inc. provides specifying builders with a value-added job site support program that focuses on personal interaction.  Its team of knowledgeable and experienced Territory Managers visits each job site regularly with support and technical assistance. The RainBuster Job Site Support Program provides builders with another set of skilled eyes during the construction process, further insuring leak and squeak free homes. 

Once RainBuster has been specified, Top Industrial Territory Managers assist in insuring that it is on each project and used properly. They begin by meeting with the builder’s sub-contractors to introduce the product, provide basic application training and benefits, and to insure the best possible pricing and efficient supply.

Next, each specifying job site is identified, mapped, and visited on a regular basis. During each visit, Top Industrial Territory Managers walk the job site and inspect RainBuster application in each specific trade. The findings are communicated with the subcontractor foreman and the builder superintendent. Each visit also offers training and technical support.

Finally, Territory Managers track the use of RainBuster on each project as a service to the builder. Top Industrial’s Builder Account Manager communicates this information to the builder corporate contact on a periodic basis.