RainBuster 345 Alternating Co-Polymer Squeak Eliminating Adhesive

Rainbuster 345 Rainbuster 345 Rainbuster 345 Rainbuster 345

RainBuster 345 Alternating Co-Polymer Squeak Eliminating Adhesive prevents squeaks in floor and stair structures by proactively incorporating squeak elimination into the building process. Traditionally, squeaks have been thought of as a reactionary construction problem, dealt with through high cost, post-complaint repairs. Squeak repair had been viewed as simply a cost of doing business, built into the framer’s bid and covered by massive annual warranty budgets. RainBuster 345 has changed the way builders and quality-minded framers manage squeaks by proactively eliminating over 95% of associated callback costs.

RainBuster 345 effectively maintains critical squeak point bonds in floor and stair structures, preventing the sound producing movement of metal against wood. Its high-grade polyurethane formulation is entirely unlike standard subfloor glues and has been designed specifically to eliminate squeaks. Everything from its curing process and open time, to its viscosity, aggressive adhesion, and permanent ultra-flexibility exists to prevent squeaks and is the result of extensive research & development. RainBuster 345’s secret is in its ability to maintain the critical squeak point bond between sheeting and underlying structures.

Missed nails and screws are a fact of life in production homebuilding. RainBuster 345 compensates by maintaining the bond even where mechanical fasteners do not exist. Standard subfloor glues dry rigid and crack with normal floor deflection, leaving floor sheeting to move freely against nails.

The nation’s leading builders and contractors trust it as a proven squeak eliminator that dramatically reduces callback costs. RainBuster 345’s proprietary co-polymer formula provides the best in adhesive strength and the ultimate in flexibility. The RainBuster Field Support Program provides the necessary training and job site visits to guarantee success. RainBuster 345 is backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.

GreenThis Superior Green Technology product reduces environmental impact and helps maintain better air quality by utilizing a low solvent and low V.O.C. formulation. This product utilizes “closed system curing technology” whereby moisture is drawn from the atmosphere to begin an internal curing process. The result is lower solvent and V.O.C. emissions. This product is V.O.C. compliant under SCAQMD, AQMD, and CARB. It earns LEED and Green Build Credits. For more information, please click here.

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