RainBuster 420 Nail On Membrane Flashing

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RainBuster 420 Nail On Flashing Membrane is an ultra-high performance flashing material. Its unique patented construction is truly a game changer, offering nail on installation in a membrane flashing.  

RainBuster 420’s design provides easy, labor saving nail on installation and an internal core that self-seals around fasteners when penetrated. Its two permanent outer facers provide superior strength to withstand the effects of high wind during construction and added protection against wind driven rain.  

RainBuster 420 is the proper choice for window installation when self-sealing is desired in open frame construction and when labor costs must be minimized. RainBuster 420 is a superior choice for window & door installation and a wide range of sheet metal, lath, framing, and industrial applications.

  • Superior Leak Prevention
  • Easy Nail On Installation
  • Self Seals Around Fasteners
  • Three Layers of Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Durability
  • Ideal for Open Wall and Sheeted Framing Conditions
  • UV Resistant - Approved for 120 Day Exposure
  • Patented, Innovative Design

RainBuster 420 is part of the RainBuster LEAK-FREE window installation system. This system combines sealant, flashing, and procedures to provide the ultimate in leak prevention. The system is backed by an industry leading thirty year parts and labor warranty.

RainBuster 420 is available in 25 mil thickness, in 9" and 12" widths, on 75' rolls.

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