RainBuster 450 Ultra High Performance Window & Door Sealant

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RainBuster 450 Window & Door Sealant is the cornerstone of the RainBuster LEAK-FREE window installation system. This system combines sealant, flashing and procedures to provide outstanding leak prevention and a thirty year parts and labor warranty.

RainBuster 450 is an ultra-high grade polyurethane sealant/adhesive designed to prevent water intrusion in the most demanding conditions. It meets or exceeds all relevant industry standards for window & door installation. RainBuster 450 offers outstanding adhesion and permanent flexibility. It is compatible with RainBuster flashing and is designed for use with RainBuster installation procedures.

  • Ideal for Window & Door Installation
  • Ultra High Grade Polyurethane Formula
  • Appropriate Surfaces Include Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Composites, Stucco, Masonry, and House Wrap.
  • A Part of the RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System
  • Also for Use in Lath Paper Patching
  • Outstanding Adhesion
  • Permanent Flexibility
  • Non-Shrinking
  • Paintable (see datasheet for details)
  • Compatible with RainBuster Flashing (see datasheet for details)
  • Meets and Exceeds Standard Testfor Elastomeric Joint Sealants: ASTM C920 Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, A, and M
  • AAMA Verified Window Installation Component: AAMA 808.3-92 Exterior Perimeter Sealing Compound

It is available in 300ml cartridges and 592ml sausages. Colors available: White, Tan, Bronze, and Limestone.

GreenThis Superior Green Technology product reduces environmental impact and helps maintain better air quality by utilizing a low solvent and low V.O.C. formulation. This product utilizes “closed system curing technology” whereby moisture is drawn from the atmosphere to begin an internal curing process. The result is lower solvent and V.O.C. emissions. This product is V.O.C. compliant under SCAQMD, AQMD, and CARB. It earns LEED and Green Build Credits. For more information, please click here.

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RainBuster 450 Bronze SDS 060115.pdf

RainBuster 450 Limestone SDS 060115.pdf

RainBuster 450 Tan SDS 060115.pdf

RainBuster 450 White SDS 060115.pdf

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