RainBuster 700 Polycarbamate/Copolymer Roofing Sealant
High-Grade Polyurethane

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RainBuster 700 Polycarbamate/Copolymer Roofing Sealant offers a high-grade polyurethane formulation designed specifically to perform in the harsh roofing environment. Its premier performance properties make it ideal for creating a permanent watertight seal on vents, coping, downspouts, chimney caps, HVAC, roof jacks, sheet metal flashing and gutters. Leading roofing and sheet metal contractors rely on RainBuster 700 to provide their businesses a differentiator in quality.

Respected as the high quality standard in roofing applications for over 25 years, RainBuster 700 is a proven performer in the elimination of leaks, callbacks and warranty claims. In sharp contrast to traditional, high maintenance products such as mastics and roofing cements, RainBuster 700 provides proactive, long lasting leak preventing building solutions. Its powerful adhesion and permanent flexibility allow it maintain a seal in the face of extreme temperature swings and oppressive weather.

RainBuster 700 is recommended for use in new construction, re-roofs, and repairs on a wide range of common roofing materials including galvanized metals, aluminum, and copper, other metals, concrete, masonry, composition, mortar, underlayment and felts, plastics including PVC, vinyl, fiberglass, nails, and wood. RainBuster 700 is backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.

GreenThis Superior Green Technology product reduces environmental impact and helps maintain better air quality by utilizing a low solvent and low V.O.C. formulation. This product utilizes “closed system curing technology” whereby moisture is drawn from the atmosphere to begin an internal curing process. The result is lower solvent and V.O.C. emissions. This product is V.O.C. compliant under SCAQMD, AQMD, and CARB. It earns LEED and Green Build Credits. For more information, please click here.

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