RainBuster 975 Modified Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive
Go Green Without Sacrificing Performance

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RainBuster 975 Advanced Polyether Sealant/Adhesive benefits from the latest in green, high performance technology.  During its development, high performance leak prevention was not an option but a necessity. The result is an unrivaled leak preventing sealant/adhesive that additionally has been formulated without solvent or harmful California Proposition 65 listed chemicals. 

RainBuster 975 meets and exceeds ASTM C920, the Standard Test for Elastomeric Joint Sealants.  It exhibits industry best adhesion and flexibility.  It is non-shrinking, extremely tough & durable, and permanently maintains +/-35% flexibility.  RainBuster 975 is designed to handle the extremes of joint movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction, wind uplift, and seismic activity.

However, RainBuster 975’s performance goes well beyond typical high quality sealant/adhesive performance.  Its cutting edge technology serves to provide the absolute best in weathering resistance. Its unique formulation resists the harmful effects of the sun and weather, including cracking and sealant breakdown, to provide unrivaled long term performance.  The 975 line offers a true non-yellowing White and colors that maintain their hue and depth even when battered by the elements.  As an added benefit, RainBuster 975 is paintable (see datasheet for details).

RainBuster 975 is ideally suited for the most challenging leak preventing applications. It is the go-to choice for applications in roofing, sheet metal, replacement window installation, gutters, OEM, transportation manufacturing, and unique industrial applications, for both new work and repairs.  It provides powerful adhesive properties when applied to varied surfaces including concrete, clay, slate, stucco, brick, metals, composition shingles, wood, underlayment, vinyl, fiberglass, composites, flashing, polyethylene, building paper/house wrap, lath foams, EPS foams, and plastics including PVC.  See datasheet for additional details.

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