The LEAK-FREE system is designed to help builders efficiently make product and procedure selections that fit divisional, project specific or design pressure performance requirements. The system includes an extensive catalog of installation procedures, each designed to perform to your specific performance requirements. Each full color procedure is easy to follow and repeat. Each meets and exceeds AAMA and ASTM standards and has been third party tested to perform in extreme weather conditions.

Top Industrial’s window installation experts can assist the builder in the writing of the scope of work as well as with field implementation. Top Industrial’s team of Territory Managers provides comprehensive ongoing installation training and job site support.

For Scope of Work / Specification Language, please view specific installation procedures.

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The system consists of the following products:

RainBuster 405

RainBuster 405 Premium Nail on Flashing is an economical plastic-based flashing material that is ideal for flashing window & door perimeters.

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RainBuster 415

RainBuster 415 Self-Adhered Flashing Membrane is an ultra-high performance flashing material. It is constructed of a high quality rubberized asphalt adhesive and a durable cross-laminated permanent facer. RainBuster 415 is an outstanding choice for flashing window & door perimeters, recessed windows, sill pans, and pot shelves.

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RainBuster 420

RainBuster 420 Nail On Flashing Membrane is an ultra-high performance flashing material. Its unique patented construction allows for easy nail on installation and provides a rubberized asphalt core for self-sealing around penetrating fasteners. It is ideal for window & door installation. When used as part of the

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RainBuster 440

RainBuster 440 SubZero Flashing Tape is an ultra high performance, self-adhered waterproofing membrane that offers industry best adhesion. Its ability to aggressively adhere down to -20F translates to superior adhesion across a wide range of challenging conditions and surfaces. It is constructed with a flexible and durable woven facer coated with an advanced polymer adhesive. It is a part of the RainBuster Leak Free Window Installation System.

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RainBuster 450

RainBuster 450 Window & Door Sealant is an ultra-high grade polyurethane designed to prevent water intrusion in the most demanding conditions. It is a part of the RainBuster LEAK-FREE Window Installation System and is compatible with RainBuster flashing.

RainBuster 450 uses Green, closed system curing technology to earn LEED and Green Build Credits. Its environmentally friendly formulation is V.O.C. compliant under CARB and AQMD.

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